Security and accompaniment
personal security, bodyguard-driver
DALEX-SHIELD is a private security organization. Personal security and escort, personal bodyguard from the company DALEX GROUP
Saint Petersburg and Leningrad region
For more than 15 years, we have been working in the service sector for important people, high-ranking officials of various countries, domestic and foreign musicians, movie stars, showmen, athletes, businessmen and politicians. During all this time, our team has shown itself only from the best side, showed all its professional qualities, the highest level of international service.

Many of the guys have more than 15 years of experience in VIP personal security. Everyone has the right to drive a car, a permit to carry firearms. There are no impossible tasks for them.
Our car park
— professionalism and experience at the international level for at least 10 years;
— resistance to stress of each employee, readiness to act independently and decisively in any situations;
— individual approach to each client;
— analysis and creation of safe conditions before the event;
— the driver - bodyguard;
— protection of the client's location, vehicle, and material assets;
— personal protection and support of relatives and children;
— nice prices.

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